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Greensboro's official theme song!
Greensboro's official theme song, Standing Here, was selected during the city's millennium celebration.
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11 Original Songs by Greg Brown
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Greg Brown PO Box 10855 Greensboro, NC 27404 email:
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About Greg Brown:
Greg has been performing for decades. His styles include Folk, Rock, Gospel, Country, and Jazz. Performances include a mixture of well-known classics and originals. In 2000, one of his songs was chosen as the city of Greensboro, NC's official theme song. Standing Here was recorded by Thomas Rowan at Greensboro's Sound Lab Studios. Featured local musicians include Wally and Cathy West, David Fox, Tom Shepard, Sam Seawell, Chris Pennell, Mary Lyon, Russ Caldwell, Ed Darst, David Dickerson, Claudia Hufham, Amy Rose, Chris Carroll, James Griffey, Rachel Holmes, and Eric Turner. You can contact Greg at to book performances or get more information.